Building bridges to your business

Our office is located in Porto, Portugal, to serve and advise national and international clients in the areas of trade, investment and intellectual property.

We integrate law and strategic business management into our practice. Our experience in multinationals and in working with multiple jurisdictions helps us to understand in depth the next step in the business and the risks associated with it.

Beyond the execution of tasks, we indicate future options aligned with the client’s needs, interests and expectations for their next decision.

With strategy and practice, we establish and conclude purchase and sales, supply, agency, representation, distribution, transport and insurance contracts.

We implement projects to expand industrial, commercial and technological operations in Portugal, Brazil and abroad.

We set up commercial companies, joint ventures and subsidiaries of foreign companies.

We structure loans, guarantees, capitalisations and investments for these companies and their partners.

We register and protect trademarks, patents, designs, secrets, software and copyright, and licence them with security and a payment guarantee.

Our working languages are Portuguese, English, French, Italian and German.

We value integrity and are certified to audit and implement compliance (ISO 37301), anti-bribery (ISO 37001) and risk management (ISO 31000) systems.