A partnership is a marriage, but in the business world. The client’s choice to enterprise together is very serious and must be taken with discretion and strategy. Especially if abroad.

The planning and design phase of the company is permeated with positive expectations from both parties. However, it is also common for partners to neglect important issues. Such as, for example, clear rules for its closure and liquidation.

Our starting point is the client’s current business and their interest in the future company. Understanding his degree of commitment and personal involvement with the operation’s decisions is unavoidable and necessary, and helps us plan the next step.

From this perspective, we guide partners and investors on the most appropriate business structure for the intended purpose and its best capitalization option. With a clear strategy we execute the following activities:

= Structuring and negotiation of term sheets, pre-agreements, pre-contracts and memoranda of understanding

= drafting of articles of association, statutes and shareholders’ resolutions for the new company

= incorporation of commercial companies and legal persons in official entities and registry offices

= structuring of shareholders’ and quotaholders’ agreements and joint venture agreements

= convertible loans, supply loans, and documents

= drafting of powers of attorney and instruments of representation.

We also structure and execute deals related to companies already in operation:

= identification and legal evaluation of initiatives

= acquisitions and sales of equity interests, operating and business divisions

= valuation of companies and projects in their legal viability (“due diligence”)

= collection of credits, capitalization in arrears, renegotiation and restructuring of debts

= purchase and sale of assets, such as real estate, machinery and equipment, as well as recovery and liquidation strategies.