We have been practicing international law since 2002 with a growing multidisciplinary approach and extensive experience in negotiating and concluding business alliances, joint ventures, commercial contracts, licenses, memoranda and agreements. During 9 (nine) years we also acted in the management of new businesses development in a European multinational and also for clients, an experience which has allowed us to understand the reality and challenges of the day-to-day business in its nuances and risks. Such practice is coupled with strong personal engagement and proficiency in five languages ​​- Portuguese, English, French, Italian and German.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring

We know the steps, process and details of a financial, legal and equity analysis of a company, business or division for sale, by years of experience and after several operations concluded with national and multinational companies. We actively participate in the design and planning of the operation, in the approach of the interested parties and in the negotiation of the deal, be it the purchase or sale of businesses or a corporate restructuring of debts. We work on reorganizing production chains and reducing the risk inherent to suppliers and customers and assist family and local businesses in their strategic plans for international expansion and the conquest of new markets.

Strategical Partnerships

Our experience involves negotiating and concluding strategic alliances at all levels and stages: from signing secrecy and confidentiality agreements, pre-contracts and memoranda to establishing joint venture contracts, company contracts, financing structures and guarantees.

Commercial and business operations

We also have extensive practice in contracts related to international trade, such as sales and purchase agreements, ancillary obligations (bank guarantees for delivery, payment and insurance contracts) and in continuous operations, such as contracts for supply of goods, service levels, local and international distribution, commercial representation, agency, contract manufacturing. We also work in licensing agreements for trademarks, patents, designs and technology. We also have know-how in industrial, technological and development agreements.

Dispute Resolution Management

We believe in out-of-court settlements and have experience in conciliation, mediation, negotiation and arbitration of personal, family and commercial disputes. We have a proven ability to manage multilateral and complex conflicts, risks and crises at the local and international level. If necessary, however, we have experience in civil and tax litigation.

Compliance, Risk, Anticorruption and Data Privacy

We are certified to work in the implementation and audit of anti-bribery controls (ISO 37001), compliance controls (ISO 37301) and risk management methodologies (ISO 31000). We are certified and work in Europe for data privacy and data protection (GDPR and CETS 108) and act as data protection officers (DPO as a service).